We are now accepting applications for the 1 week Sake Making program at the Gakkogura 2020 !
We will have people who want to experience the most essential part of making sake for a week with us.
*Gakkogura was certificated as the first case of Special Zone of Japanese Sake.

【Gakkogura 2020 TERM(3) schedule】
8th July to 14th July
Number of participants accepted: only few
8th July Koji making, etc.
9th July Koji making, etc.
10th July Koji making (Tome zoe), etc.
11th July Soe-shikomi, Koji making, etc.
12th July Shubo making, etc.
13th July Naka-shikomi, Koji making, etc.
14th July Tome-shikomi,etc.
【Gakkogura 2020 TERM(4) schedule】
23rd July to 29th July

Number of participants accepted: only few
23rd July Koji making, etc.
24th July Koji making, etc.
25th July Koji making (Tome zoe), etc.
26th July Soe-shikomi, Koji making, etc.
27th July Shubo making, etc.
28th July Naka-shikomi, Koji making, etc.
29th July Tome-shikomi, etc.

**In regards to 2020, the 1st and 2nd batch are passed on because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we only accept applications for the 3rd and 4th batch. But please note that as for the 3rd and 4th batch, there are still possibilities for it to be cancelled according the situation. In case that happens, please confirm the notice★ described later.


**You will be notified 2 weeks prior to the starting day of each batch in case of cancellation. But there will be still possibilities we should make sudden cancellations due to the Corona virus situation even just before starting day. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
**Please note that your transportation, accommodation will not be covered if a cancellation occurs.


★■ONLINE SCHOOL DAY for the prospective participation

( In case of unfortunate events such as the COVID19 wherein the program is cancelled, we will still provide this alternatives)
An online crash lesson will be provided to prospective participants in which we will share information about Gakkogura, our sake making , and provide Q & A session. Free participation for ONLINE SCHOOL DAY if actual 1 week experience program is cancelled.


■ONLINE GAKKOGURA NEWS which everybody can enjoy !!

We will deliver the online Gakkogura communication news below, regardless of cancellation or not, which everybody can enjoy.

  1. Online Orientation
    During brewing season, we will stream live about Gakkogura and Sake Making digest on YouTube/Facebook/Instagram. We will annonce the schedule on our website.

  2. Online Sake Making Experience
    *Registration to Obata Shuzo YouTube channel is required.
    We will broadcast Sake Making short movies for each process made from the perspective of the participant.
    ●CHECK the Obata Shuzo’s YouTube channel NOW !